Screeching/Squeal when turning key to ignition

For the last few days when I turn the key to ignition my car makes a screeching/squeal sound before starting. This sound is only present before my car starts. I’d also like to add that I changed my serpentine belt about 2 weeks ago, is that the problem?

I think the serpentine belt system can be the problem. Maybe a broken tensioner or failing idler pulley or tensioner pully bearing.


Okay! I’m going to check it out and fill you in on the results

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It’s been a few days I loosened the serpentine belt a bit. But squealing still continues… but now it’s present a few seconds after car ignition and then goes away.

If the noise begins before you start the engine it is not a belt noise. Perhaps the noise is from an electric motor, what area of the car is the noise coming from?

If indeed the belt in the problem, loosening it would either make it worse, or make it go away but disable your alternator and air conditioner if it’s so loose that it falls off.

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most of the time it is a loose belt causing the noise. Try tightening it before toying around with accessories, like alternator or A/C. Take a good look at your belt. make sure is’t in good condition and not “glazed” or the edges frayed. .