2001 hyundai sonata

2001 hyundai sonata has a loud squeaking sound when you start the car. i had just bought it so i’m not sure what problems it has but it didn’t have any engine oil when i checked it and now when you drive it it seems to be missing not getting speed. anyone have an answer to this problem …


Does it sound like a belt slipping? It might be the serpentine belt. You can open the hood, and push on the belt midway between two pulleys to see how much slack there is. There shouldn’t be more than an inch or two deflection. You might also have someone start the car for you with the hood up while you watch and listen for the noise. Don’t get too close or wear loose clothing. It’s dangerous if you do.

Sounds like maybe serpentine belt…like @jt said. Mine does that when it’s cold

Guam said that there was loud squeaking but more importantly he states that there was no oil and engine run issues probably due to a lack of engine oil. If the car was even run for 5 min. with that low oil issue it would for sure damage the engine. The squeel could be the drive belt on the outside of the engine and or bearings that would be damaged from lack of oil. I’ve owned 2 Hyundai Elantras; I did not care for either car. My second Elantra which was a 03’ developed bearing slop in the Crank bearings at 51,000 miles. I had to get rid of it while it still ran for a low price. I would stay away from Korean made cars that are pre 2006.

Why’d you start a car of unknown repute without checking the oil? Always make sure it has the fluids first.
That engine could very well be toast now.

Look for a vacuum leak.

The first thing I do when looking at a car to buy is check the oil. If the oil is filthy or doesn’t show on the stick, I am done looking at that car.
The squeal is probably a belt or tensioner.

@oldtimer11 Yes, in addition to that I stick my middle finger in the oil filler opening (engine cold) and run it over the underside of the valve cover. If I only have oil on my finger it’s a good sign, if grit and sludge I pass on this vehicle.