Engine Shut-down


I have a 2004 Pontiac Grand Am that is in very good condition. Earlier today the car suddenly shut down when I stopped at the stop sign but soon restarted when i turn on the ignition again. What could the problem be.


Ignition module? Does the check engine light come on?


No the check engine light didnt come on. The only lights the were on when the engine shut down was the battery light and the seat belt light. If it was the battery then the car wouldn’t started back up, right?


Adding to what I said before:

Maybe the ignition “igniter” fails when it gets hot. Could be some temp sensitive sensor, but I would think that would lead to a CEL.


how many miles, what work has been done recently to the car, and not to ask a dumb question; are you sure you didn’t turn off the key? (or knock it off?)

more info.


Apparently, this is a fairly wide-spread problem with the 2004 Grand Am. You are the second person today to post a question regarding the same problem with the same model of vehicle.

Anyway, I concur with those who said to start by looking at the ignition switch as being the source of the problem.