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Engine Shut-down

I have a 2004 Pontiac Gran Am that is in very good condition. Earlier today the car suddenly shut down when I stopped at the stop sign but soon restarted when i turn on the ignition again. What could the problem be.

Whenever an engine shuts down suddenly (as if the key was turned off) I immediately suspect an electrical glitch in the ignition system.

The fact that you were able to restart the vehicle suggests to me that the problem may be a loose connection.

Hmm, to which of the two identical posts should I respond? I guess I’ll go with this one, to expand on Roadrunner’s response.

If the car will start up immediately, it’s unlikely to be an electronic component becoming heat-sensitive (cooling down would take at least a few minutes for most such components). I would suspect a flaky ignition switch (the electrical part, not the lock cylinder).