2004 GMC Yukon engine keeps shutting off

I read that other people have been having the same issues with there GMC Yukon. I have been experiencing the same issues of my engine shutting off while im driving without warning. No gauages on my dashboard comes. The only issue is that I can’t give gas to the engine and i have to keep pulling over and letting it sit for awhile until it would start again. I then can drive a few miles before it will shut off on me again. So far I have replace the crankshaft sensor, clean the MAF sensor and clean my throttle body but im still experiencing the engine shutting off on me. I am going to replace the spark plugs and the spark plug wires to see if that makes a difference. Can anyone give me anymore suggestions for this issue?

Got too many keys on your chain? check for a recall, and read this story!

G.M. is already recalling 1.62 million cars, made in the 2007 model year and earlier, to replace switches that could accidentally be jostled and cut off engine power, deactivating air bags.

But the company realized that it had sold thousands of defective switches to dealers and parts wholesalers that could have been used in newer cars, from the 2008 model year and after, that never had the defect. The ignition switch was changed sometime in 2006, and replaced by an improved version made by its supplier, Delphi.

Thanks for the reply I just contacted GMC their was no recall or special coverages needed to be done to my vehicle looks like I have to keep searching for suggestions

Have you tried having a new ignition key made? That fixed my uncle’s 2004 Monte Carlo SS. I would suggest doing that if your ignition key is chipped. Make sure that it’s done at a dealer or a first class key and lock shop with your VIN number…not a worn out key.

I also think this is an ignition switch problem of some kind. OP should remove the vehicle’s key from the keychain and use it only by itself in the lock. If that helps, OP knows what to do next.

If you are saying that the gauges loose power when this trouble happens then the power to the ignition switch and the switch itself need to be checked out for a intermittent problem.