2004 Grand Am not starting

Fellas and gals… Have a 2004 Grand am that was having some problems starting: 1) The last 10 times it would start cold, but it would take about 5-10 seconds of turnover before actually starting. 2) After it started, it would start fine the rest of the day. Now it will not start at all. Today is the coldest day of the year so far… 43 degrees. It tries to turnover. The security light came on once, but did not come on again (i know that’s a common problem). (note: I have not seen it in person, but will later today). Either fuel or spark. Curious if anyone had experience with this specific car and problem.

My thought: either fuel pump, fuel pump relay, sensor, wires/plugs, etc.

I don’t have much time to work on it and have to travel a couple hours to the car. I would appreciate some thoughtful insight before I make the journey.


The fuel might be back flowing to the tank due to a faulty check valve. Take some starter fluid with you so you to spray into the intake so you can see if there is a fuel problem. If the engine doesn’t start using that then you most likely have an ignition problem.