Engine Noise Fixed - At Father and Son Auto Lynbrook NY

I wanted to tell you that my 2000 BMW had an engine noise like one talked about on your show. Most people NEVER have anything positive to say about car repair shops. I just wanted to tell you that Father and Son Auto in Lynbrook NY located a sensor problem and I was in and gone all in less than 30 minutes. You guys are super. In these troubled economic times I wanted to say a Hats off to Car Talk and the people at Father and Son Auto. If I had never listened to your show I would still have the problem.

Glad to hear of your success.

A favorable review at Mechanics files on Car Talk home page would be the best way to make sure Father & Sons Auto get credit.

Let us know a little more about what kind of noise and what kind of sensor. It adds credibility to your post. Don’t worry about confusing us with being to technical.

I do want to access your ability to grade auto repair shops. Either good or bad.