Would the forum mind taking a listen to this BMW 318i and playing "guess any bad parts?"

This is the sound of an M10 Engine from a BMW 318i circa 1985. I just want a few more pairs of ears to listen in to see if they hear anything troubling. I’m more experienced with cars with timing belts, so I’d just like a little help sorting out any bad noise from normal engine chatter. And yes, it’s due for a little tune up.

Ok, lets try attaching that file again…

Oh, that type of file is not allowed.

YouTube it is. BRB.

And does it work?

Yes it does! Swell. So anyway, let me know what you think.

I hear more wind noise than engine noise. Is that a good sign?

Seriously though, the audio quality is too low to hear anything of value. Get on a BMW forum and meet up in person with someone who lives in your area if you are looking for an evaluation.