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Reliable Mechanics

Anyone know the site listing reliable mechanics in your area?

Check out the car talk home page.

It’s called “The Mechanics Files,” and it’s on the Car Talk home page.

Do realize though that the mechanics section of this site isn’t a page of reliable mechanics. Its just a place where people can put reviews of their experiences with mechanics. I’ve been to the stuff for my area and there are shops up there with good reviews that I wouldn’t think of using. In fact they are mostly positive reviews (at least for my area) and there is no system or accountability for the info. Some small # of people have decided to leave some info up there and that’s all.

I’d just ask around among people that I know.

Friends, neighbor, and coworkers are your best bet. My neighbor recommended a local mechanic, I’ve been using him for the last 17 years.

Ed B.

Thank you all. I’m new to the Charlotte area, don’t know many people, but have asked a few without what I consider “good” responses. I’m from Baltimore and was spoiled by Ferd and Chris that I went to for almost 30 years! Want the same here. Good luck, here, huh? I’ll keep asking.