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2002 Dodge Ram 1500 fuel gauge showed empty...but it wasn’t

Yesterday my truck died twice while driving without any warning, my fuel gauge showed empty. i was able to stop and start it back up each time. this morning i went to start and it wont turn over. both the fuel and battery gauge show depleted. im trying to figure out if its the fuel pump of some other issue.any help would be greatly appreciated.

Throwing a fuel pump in without understanding why all this happened is throwing parts at the truck and hoping they stick. You need to check a number of things before changing the pump and you need to tell us a few things before we’ll even guess what might be the problem.

What engine? What transmission? How many miles?

How did you know your tank had gas IN it if the gauge wasn’t showing any and the truck won’t run?

Was the check engine light on before the truck died?

Why is your battery dead? It just died? Or you cranked the truck until it wouldn’t crank anymore? Will the truck crank if you try and jump it? What happens if it does crank? When you cycle the key, with jumpers, can you hear the “hum” of the fuel pump? Can you buy, rent, borrow a fuel pressure gauge to see what pressure, if any, the pump makes?

With the key ON, can you read the OBD2 error codes from the truck? You don’t have a tool to read them? Borrow, buy or rent one. Post the codes you get back here and answer all these questions and we’ll try and help.

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