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Ram 1500 4.7 4x4 wont crank over

Hey I need help with my 2002 ram 1500 4.7 4x4 when I last drove the truck it ran 100% fin and 2 days later I when to start it up and it had no crank every thing works just no crank and when I’m in one of these geers P R N D 2 1 it should have a square Around the one I’m in but it does not no square. And then the engin light starts to blink and the error code is p1698 I have had 2 macanics look at it and they can’t figer it out please help me

Instrument cluster fail would not cause the no start issue. By no crank do you mean the starter does not spin the engine or the engine turns over, but does not start? Your park neutral switch may be bad. Try sticking it in neutral and see if it starts. Other wise you need to check for spark & fuel pressure. If there is an anti-theft system, maybe that is killing it.

I find it odd that you had your truck towed to 2 different shops and neither one could diagnose a no start condition. Before you take it to a third talk to the people there and be sure they have the proper equipment, service information and wiring diagrams, and experience to repair your car.

Code P1698 indicates failure of communication on the “bus” that allows all the modules on your car to talk to each other. Specifically (if I recall), that the transmission controller is not talking to the rest of the car. Your gearshift indicator isn’t operating properly because the transmission controller doesn’t know what gear it’s in. This is most likely related to your no start issue. I wouldn’t even begin to try to address this problem without a decent scan tool.

So should I buy transmission controller ???

The engine is not turning over

“So should I buy transmission controller ???”

No, you should have the problem properly diagnosed by someone with the proper tools and equipment. That would be a high-level bidirectional scan tool (not a $100 code reader), a complete vehicle wiring diagram, voltmeter or labscope, and the ability to use all these things. First step would be to communicate with the trans controller–in fact, communicate with all the modules and see who is online and who isn’t. I suspect your trans controller will be out. This could be because of a failed controller, wiring issue, blown fuse, power or ground to the controller, etc.

I need lots more information, but at first guess I would say that the starter isn’t engaging because the trans controller isn’t talking, and the neutral safety switch is in the transmission and part of that system. But without a wiring diagram and scan tool I wouldn’t guess at anything.

Should I talk the trans control out and bring it to the shop or should I tow the hole truck to the shop ?

You somehow have to arrange all of the below to be in the same place.

  • Qualified mechanic with experience diagnosing Dodge vehicles using scan tool.
  • Appropriate Scan Tool.
  • Truck.

I expect this prove to be fairly easy for the mechanic to fix. It’s probably just a connector that has come loose or corroded.

A car can’t be fixed piecemeal. It’s an entire integrated system. You don’t take parts off it to be tested one at a time.

I thought you said you had 2 places look at it already. What do they have to say?

They both said it probly a sincere in the transmission but I don’t have the money to pay for a probly

Hey I boild my truck in the shop and It was a loos ground

Sorry I polled it in the shop

Glad you got the old beast running again. Thanks for posting the results.