No crank with key

I put new plugs wires cap rotor button on my 96 Dodge Ram five nine now the ignition will not turn the truck over I can jump the starter wire to the battery and it will turn over and start fine but I can’t get no ignition power after doing all of that work truck started fine before I change the plugs Gap rotor button and wires also change the ignition coil in the distributor and the spark coil on the side of the engine

Try stating with the transmission in Neutral.

Done that first thought it was the neutral safety switch but that’s not the problem

It was starting up fine before I did all the work now after I’ve done to work the key ignition will not start the truck

So you get no response at all when turning the key?

Hall light show on – but no crank like I said I could jump the starter to the battery and it cranks right up and runs but no ignition power to the starter I’m not sure what happened when I put the cap rotor button and wires and plugs on but ever since that it hasn’t started