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Emergency brake for 2003 TrailBlazer

About 4 months ago, the emergency brake on the TB appeared to become “useless”. I can now pull up (all the way) on the handle and only receive minimal tension. This leads me to believe that the cable needs tightening - yes or no? If yes, then how do I go about tightening the cable or tension on the emergency hand brake?

You need to pull the rear wheels of your Trailblazer,this model is very much affected by rust. You must remove the rear disc brake rotors to complete this inspection.

Be prepared for great difficulty in removing the rotors.

It looks like the same system on my 2000 Blazer, rear disc brakes with the parking brake set up as a miniature drum brake inside the rotor.

Here is the adjustment procedure from the Autozone website. Not GM’s finest moment.

Ed B.