Emergency brake question

Thank you for reading my post. I just “inherited” this 2005 Trailblazer LS and I am not familiar with it at all. Front brakes were a disaster zone, so I replaced the disk and pads, the brake fluid which was low got to a normal level once I finished with the brakes, but now, the rear passenger brake seems to be engaged, even though the emergency brake is released, and there is no brake left either, so the disk is bad as well. I always thought the function of the rear brakes was only for the emergency brakes but the rear brakes are definitely engaged (at least the passenger one). Can it be that the emergency brake line is frozen in the on position? Or does it need to be adjusted?

Can someone clarify for me if the rear brakes work in conjunction with the front brakes, or is it only for emergency braking?

Not sure if this is of any relevance, the ABS fuse has been pulled, probably because they are not working…

Your help is greatly appreciated,


The rear disc brakes work in conjunction with front disc brakes.

The parking brake is a set of brake shoes that contact the brake drum part of the rear rotors.

If the passenger side rear is engaged, it could be the parking brake cable is frozen.

But since the rear brakes are going to be replaced anyway, do whatever needs to be done to remove the rotors.

And if the rotors can’t be removed, the parking brake cable may need to be cut to do so.


As Tester noted all four brakes work together. On my truck the rears wear out a few thousand miles before the front.
Plus, you need to change the brake fluid. This should be done every three years. If mine I would, at the minimum, get an estimate on repairing the ABS.

thats strange. usually that back brakes last longer than the front.

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I think that this issue goes beyond the simple matter of brake pad wear.

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Thank you for your replies, this now starts to make sense since I was not aware that the rear had two sets of brakes - shoes, and disk, so the problem is that there are just no brake pads in the rear and the metal to metal is creating the feeling of locking! I ordered the parts!

Thank you guys

I hope you didn’t actually pay for this thing.

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He said he inherited it. I suspect there is a lot of overdue maintenance.

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Be sure to note Testors advice. If the e-brake is frozen, you will need to cut the cable. Even then removing the assembly might be quite difficult.