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Emergency brake adjustment?

I have a 2007 Yukon Denali that I just replaced the rear disc brakes and rotors. Do the emergency brakes require adjustment? If so how? They seem a little loose.


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Don’t expect the adjustment to last long. The axles flex and wear out the parking brake shoe enven if you never use it. It is a bad design. I have had one of these drum in hat parking brakes on a truck bought new and the parking brakes haven’t worked for most of its 133k miles, adjustment or not.

I’ve always had good luck with the Trailblazer implementation of these parking brakes. Only one ever needed any adjustment and that was after 150k miles. The TB has two adjustments; one is the star wheel for gross pad adjustment and second is for adjusting the lever. The lever is tricky. Pull up park brake lever, lift front of boot. Locate and cycle the multiplier lever up and down 3 times. Then lift and lower park brake lever 3 times. Replace boot. This will take slack out of cable and set range of lever. Maybe Yukon is similar…