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Emergency brake cable stuck

My 86 Ford econoline emergency brake cable is not completely released. The rear rightside is partialy stuck. I tried appling the emergency brake and releasing it repeatedly, but it still won’t let the vehicle roll on it’s own. I don’t think I could get the brake drum to come off. The truck is diiveable, but I’M afriad to drive it.Whats the best aproach to get this thing cleared. Many thanks in advance

Access the brake self adjuster star through the backing plate(hopefully it is already cut out and you just need to remove a rubber plug,or you will have to knock out the cover)using a slim tool raise the self adjuster arm off the star(you can’t go backwards if you don’t)and run the adjusting threads in until the rod is fully contracted,this releases the pressure of the shoes on the drum.

Take a large hammer (3lbs) and strike the drum as close to the center as possible(don’t hit the axel or studs)this impact will cause the drum to spring off,you may have to hit the drum quite hard,but it works, then repair the brakes and replace the cable.

I used to have a truck which I could reach underneath the frame and pull on the cable manually to make it release.

Yes. move the cable in a few directions and you could get it released. Near the rear wheels, both sides.