Eliminate windshield glare with some sort of polish or cleaner?

When we bought our 97 Grand Caravan used, the windshield was pristinely clean. Since it was not new, I assume the dealer used something on it to make it so perfect (a super cleaner? Glasswax or a polish to fill in the cracks?). The windshield is now so scratched and filmy it is practically impossible to see through it whe the setting sun hits it straight on, creating an extremely dangerous situation. How do these used car dealers get the windshields to look so new? I’m worried for our safety.

What the dealers usually due is wax the windshield and that makes them look like new. It is hell on the wipers though and will wear away. The scratches will still be there and when the sun is head on again, you will see them. Your best bet is to replace the windshield, for safety reasons.