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1970 Ford Mustang - Windshield cleaning

topic ended. further replies are not desired.

Maybe this will help.

I don’t think I ever said anything about cleaning windows, but at any rate there are about a hundred youtubes on it of varying quality. Take your pick. Here’s one.

i was addressing Emporer Magliozzi regarding one specific article. please, no more replies that don’t include that exact article. thanks.

The link below is where to address questions to Ask Car Talk. Perhaps somebody there can find the article for you.

The interesting thing about that vdo to me is that he uses Nu Finish on the windshield. It seems like if that doesn’t cause problems seeing through the windshield clearly, then Nu Finish must not offer much in the way of a physical layer of protection against minor scratching the way that waxing does. I used Nu Finish the last time I “waxed” (the paint, not the windshield) and it does seem to work well as far as making the water bead up and run off, but now I’m a little concerned it might not be providing that layer of protection against scratches like what I used to use.

Never used the stuff. I use Meguires wax and just Windex and sometimes Bon-Ami. Still I did drive hime in the rain one night 30 miles with the wipers not working and I really could see fine, without Rainex or anything.

He doesn’t read these.

You came to the wrong place to get Rays attention or ask him a question.

I know you were. We might be ugly but not stupid. Or to quote Mad Dog Mattis, “I was born at night, but not last night”.

I recently noted a lot of “dots” on my windshield. Googled it and seems like you can use clay bar on it. I used it and it came out fine. You just have to wipe if off well afterwards.