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Electronics ,audio question

ive got an amp for a 1998 ford expediton… i dont know what wires are what ,also i dont know the wattage or any specs on it… where can i find out more…

Did the amp COME FROM a 1998 Ford Expedition, or are you trying to install it in the Ford?

If it came from a Ford, a factory service manual might help. If it came from somewhere else, try the manufacturer’s website or helpline.

like i said its from an [early]1998 expedition [ eddie bauer] [ rear sub] and… ive talked to a ford dealer to people that know me and… ive asked a buddy that is good at finding info on line to help and ive talked to the aftermarket… coming up empty
there was a mid year change to the wiring and plug/connectors on it [ typical ford]. ive got the early version…its a nos amp i got as part of an assembly when i needed a sub speaker. i installed the speaker last year and sold the vehicle recently, but would like to use the amp in the future since its new.