94 Ford Explorer - Thank you for all your help!

I just finished putting all the door panels back in and fired it up. Everything works! First time since I bought it. Just wanted to thank the community for all the help, I needed it!

Who needs a state of the art 94 Ford stereo w/amp?


The old speakers do look familiar with the missing bellows. They look like my Pioneer Project 80 speakers after old age set in. Some people without major training and experience often have ABILITY. Great work.

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Glad to hear your 94 Ford is back on the road, windows working, and powertrain purring. If you don’t know what to do w/those old speakers, remove all the paper and use them as magnetic parts trays, or as big magnets to help you find small iron-containing parts you drop on the ground. I use an old car speaker for the latter purpose, and it comes in very handy, works like a charm.

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Haa!! I have even used speaker magnets to remove metal from my eyes… lol
Yeah yeah yeah, so I was a slow learner in that aspect of my life for some reason… BUT Now I wear glasses (cause I can’t see with out them, go figure right) and a full face shield anytime I am grinding, cutting or even weed eating… Just DON"T forget you have it down if you need to spit, it makes a mess… :nauseated_face: :crazy_face: :laughing:

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