Sound system for 1999 ford expedition Eddie beuer

So I just bought this SUV because I needed a vehicle for work. But all the speakers are blown out from the previous user. I have my home theater system in there right now with a regular wall plug in and i was wondering if I were to get an adapter for the power car plug in to wall plug in. If the car could handle it. I would assume so but I wanna make sure so that I dont ruin the battery or anything. I was also wondering what speakers to get to replace the one in there that are blown. I love bass

I guess you think your 12 volt vehicle power supply will power the 110 volt home system . Will not work. As for speakers go to the Crutchfield web site and just get new speakers .


+1 to @VOLVO_V70’s points. You would likely need a stronger alternator to handle the increased load from the home system. Crutchfield’s site will give you the best information about what would be the best replacement for your current speakers. Another point to consider, your vehicle is old enough to drink now, so I wouldn’t necessarily spend the money for the absolute best speakers out there myself

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How many watts does this home theater system draw? That should be on a label somewhere on it.

It might work to just install speakers from your home system into the car. Assuming you don’t want them for home use anymore, and your car stereo system still works ok. One problem you may run into is that car speakers are usually 4 ohm, and home speakers usually 8 ohm. The downside of 8 ohm speakers used w/ a car stereo is they won’t be as loud as the 4 ohm. I expect you already know that the speaker’s power rating should be at least as much as the stereo. I recently installed speakers in my truck I extracted from an old computer. They sound pretty good. Better than the original speakers that came w/the Sony stereo.

I got 4 bose speakers and an Alpine radio unit, greatest sound I have ever had in a car, crutchfields of course, don’t now why you want to micky mouse a system into a car, maybe $250, unless you need so much bass the body parts rattle and you will be deaf by 40.

A power inverter can be connected to the battery, the power outlet will likely be inadequate.

Remove a speaker and measure it, you can buy a pair of speakers from Walmart or a discount auto parts store for less than the cost of an inverter.

How do you know the speakers are blown, as opposed to some other problem? None of them give out any sound? Then I think something else is wrong.