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1998 ford expedition

are the trans lines to the radiator “low pressure”? can i patch a rusted couple of inches with rubber hose??? also i need the plugs/connectors for the factory amp in the rear passenger quarter pannel.

Why not just stop at a local radiator shop and have them properly fix the problem.  Of course if you have a problem now I would guess you will soon be patching the patches. 

 [i] i need the plugs/connectors for the factory amp in the rear passenger quarter pannel.[/i]

I would suggest you local auto re-cycling yard or automotive audio shop.

There is “rubber hose” that will withstand thousands of pounds of pressure. It’s commonly used in hydraulic systems. But if the line is corroded through, it’s shot. Attempts to clamp hose in to do a temporary repair will be folly. It’ll either crush the remaining corroded line or leaks will spring from elsewhere. Fix it correctly. Get the line replaced.

Re: the connectors, you can buy these at any automotive audio store.

Use transmission cooler rubber hose. The transmission pumps the fluid at HIGH PRESSURE through these lines. The fluid is also very hot. Transmission cool line is designed to withstand this heat and pressure. Easy to find at most auto parts stores. You can also find steel line to rplace larger sections of rusted line at the same store.

The connectors are best found at the dealer or clip the connectors off a harness at a junkyard.

When you do it, put a little flare on the ends of the lines or the rubber hose could blow off. I saw that happen once.