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Electronic Rust Protection - Is this a scam?

My husband and I have just purchased our 4th Dodge Grand Caravan and, for the first time, have been introduced to a ‘new’ rust protection offer called a CM-2000 Electronic Rust Protection unit. I’ve done some research and everything I’ve read leads me to think that it is a scam and that we should just save our $750.00 (Canadian). Has anyone had any experience with this type of rust protection?

Don’t waste your money. The wifes Jeep had one of the units already installed on it when we bought it used. And it didn’t do a thing to prevent rust on the body. Her Jeep is just as rusty as the other Jeeps of the same year.


Works great.

On steel-hulled ships.

Your instincts and research are correct. Save your money. I would be very cautious about this dealer, if they are hawking this snake oil.

Works great…

…on buried pipelines.

But on a new car, hang on to your purse.

As noted, the theory works, but cars don’t work well because they lack a good ground. The tyres are good insulators. I might add that the price quoted is far too high.

Ditto! This dealership seems to be even a bit more sleazy than average if they are trying to sell this bit of technology that will not work on cars.

I would be particularly wary about the service recommendations from a dealership like this, as it sounds like they will attempt to extract maximum cash from the customer’s pocket if the customer is not careful to avoid more of their scams.

Typical ADP(additional dealer profit) they try to sell you at the end of the negotiations. Tell them that if the factory paint is so horrible that they need this service, you don’t want the car at all.

If you really want to try one of these, don’t have the dealer install it—go to JC Whitney. I think they’ve been selling these for 20 or more years, and far cheaper. Don’t be too surprised if it doesn’t help much.