Electronic rust protection devices?

I was wondering about the anti rust protection devices that …quote… simply attach it to your car`s body and you will be free of rust forever is this true? or is this a gimmick? I recently bought a used mini van and it shows some rust all around and will this device get rid of the existing rust that is on there now?

gimmick…how can it create new metal in order to get rid of existing rust???

No. They don’t work. The wife’s Jeep had one of these installed when it was purchased from the original owner. Her Jeep rusted out just as fast if not faster than vehicles of the same year.


IF this worked so well, don’t you think the factory would be putting it on the car BEFORE it left the assembly line?

All new cars are rust-proofed at the factory, using state-of-the-art technology. That’s all you need. Save your money.

Is J.C. Whitney still in business?

First, when the system works it does not eliminate existing rust, it only slows additional rust.

Since you car is insulated from the ground (rubber tyres) it really can’t do what the system can do on a bridge or a large ship. It just is not useful on a car. Anyone selling it for use on a car is running a SCAM.