Rust Proofing New Vehicles - Good or Bad


We are in the process of buying a new car (Pontiac G6) They are offering a package that includes rust proofing, paint protection, and fabric protection. My husband doesn’t want any of it, but since we live in Wisconsin, I think that rust proofing would be wise. Any suggestions??



ALL new vehicles are rustproofed at the factory, using state-of-the-art techniques and materials. NOTHING else is needed, regardless of where you live. In fact, dealer-installed rustproofing usually makes a vehicle MORE prone to rust.

These “protection” packages are known as “ADP,” or Additional Dealer Profit, and are worthless. The fabric protection is ScotchGard, the paint protection is car wax, and the rustproofing is unnecessary goop sprayed where it shouldn’t be.

Your husband is, just this once, right. You don’t need any of this stuff, and are wasting your money if you purchase it.


Turn it down! Just say NO!

And the same thing goes for that extended warranty they will try to foist on you.

It’s not just Wisconsin dealerships; it’s everywhere. They all try to get away with selling these worthless extras.


In addition to the valid comments already made, I want to add that, on modern cars, if after-market rust proofing is not done properly, it can actually ACCELERATE the rusting of your car.

Avoid all of these services as they are unnecessary and overpriced.


Just consider anything the dealer wants to sell you at closing when you buy a new car is nothing more than ADP. (Additional Dealer Profit) and that includes Rust Proofing and repair insurance that they will call extended warranty.

At least the extended warranty is only likely going to cost you what you directly pay for it.  This rust proofing stuff is more likely to cause damage than prevent any.  Rust proofing was important for a 1970's car but it can damage modern cars.


Make the advice to skip it unanymous (sp?).
The bodies of new cars today are designed with drainage and ventilation, alloys, coatings, and part bonding techniques designed to create a package that eliminates opportunities for rust. Aftermarket rustproofing applications, in addition to not helping, can actually create breeches in the overall package that can present opportunities for rust where none exist. Aftermarket rustproofing is a bad idea.

You can protect the interior with a simple can of spray upholster protectant from the 5 & dime.

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Looks like it is unanimous…thanks to all for the quick replies…


Yep, a boat payment for the dealer.