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Rustproofing 2013 Hyundai Elantra

i just bought a used 2013 hyundai gls in jan 2019 and the dealer asked me if i wanted to rust proof the car for additional 6 dollars bi weekly and i said yes because my last car a 2008 pontiac g5 rusted on the front door lower panel on both sides after 5yrs,p.s i bought it in 2012 and my hand can go through the lower panel completely in 2017

I don’t know how much the total amount will be but you just wasted money for rust proofing on a used vehicle.


I would have declined on it with a 6 year old car, it’s going to be almost impossible to get the bottom of the car clean enough to properly apply the rust proofing.

And if not properly applied it can trap moisture between the rust proofing and the car, causing more damage then not rust proofing.

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Too late now.

I concur. Lipstick on a pig.

I’d consider it depending on where you live. 99% of the country it’s a waste of money. However if you live in that 1%, then it might be worth it, but NOT from the dealer. Those area’s where vehicles could benefit from rust proofing - there are still companies that specialize in this (even used cars). It’s expensive. Look for a company that’s been around a while (10+ years).

I agree with this. In addition, my understanding is it can also block drain holes that are meant to be open, making things worse instead of better.

Companies who know how to this properly do NOT block drain holes. They take special care not to. Yes there were some fly-by-night companies that had major application mishaps. Most (if not all) of them are gone by now. But the companies that took their time and did it correctly are still in business in the rust belt. If I lived there I’d get it done.

As for a used car - companies like Ziebart has a rust eliminator process. They are one of the few companies I’d trust.


Why bother now, the damage is already done. It a rust proofer which means more a coating to stop rust from forming. It won’t stop rust that has already formed. That rust will just continue to grow under whatever coating they put on. Plus the newer cars are already pretty well rust proofed from the factory. So short answer waste of money. Plus unless you have it inspected every year and a refresh that you pay for, there will be no warranty coverage. I hope you didn’t take the lifetime wax treatment too.