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Electrical issues

i have a 1995 sierra 2500 gas series. then my horn and my washer fluid aren’t working. i cleaned all my ground posts and put in new fuses. when i hit the horn, you can hear the relay switch clicking. and, when i first went to use the washer fluid, it squirted once, then stopped. i checked and cleaned all ground posts. i also used an ohm meter on both horns’ plugs. there’s power coming to the horns??? that’s so confusing. anyone have any ideas???

I assume you mean you checked for DC voltage using your meter with the DC volts function and not using the ohmmeter function to check for voltage.

If you have 12 volts getting to the horns and they have a good ground connection then the horns are bad.

Take the horns off the vehicle and test them with a good 12V battery, horns can go bad. You can get replacements cheap at a salvage yard. I’d also test the washer pump by attaching leads from a known good battery and see if it squirts. Washer pumps fail too especially if they have been sitting “dry” for awhile.

i checked both, hooking them directly up to a battery, and they both work fine. i know that the fuse box is good. you can hear the relay switch clicking when i honk the horn. but it has to be somewhere after the fuse box. so i’m guessing maybe there might be a faulty connection after the fuse box? not sure, that’s yet another adventure i’ll have to try today.