Electrical surges in mercedes

A ghost in my machine needs to be shown out the door. I have a 1976 300D Mercedes with an electrical system that is giving me problems. My left blinker blinks twice as fast as the right one. But only the front light blinks. The right blinker blinks more slowly and again, only in the front. I was just listening to the blinker and noticed a pattern that sounded like a warped record. The blinking sound would get slower and then speed up. Any suggestions on where to start with that one?


So you’re saying neither rear turn signal bulbs light up?

Have you checked to ensure a good clean bulb socket contact and proper bulbs are used? (some aftermarket bulbs won’t work or have a very short life).

You may have to use a tester to find a poor ground or lack of current to a particular point.

Most turn signal systems show a very fast indicator light when one bulb is burnt out or has lost contact.

I don’t know if your Merc has this system.

I agree that you should start with the bulbs, a burnt out bulb will affect the blinker speed. If you need to access the blinker relay, it is located under the wooden center console, just in front of the shift lever. Do you have any other electrical issues in this car?

BTW, you access the bulbs from inside the trunk.