Electrical problems In my BMW



I have a 2000 323CI 2-door coupe (not convertible). Lately, the car has given me some electrical issues. Here are the problems:

All of a sudden the car radio began to have static and some other noise during the broadcast. Then I lowered the visor and that shut the radio off and at the same time the horn would not work. If I move the visor up and down, or open the mirror cover, it would affect the radio, turn it off or make it work better. So, here is my question:

What are the cuases?

How can it be fixed?

If I take it to a mechanic, how much should I expect to spend?

I want to take it to the mechanic, but I don’t want to be taken to the cleaners in the process.

Thanks you.


You should expect to pay around $100.00 per hour, as long as it takes.


I’d guess that the wire that supplies power to the visor’s mirror light has lost some insulation and is now shorting out. If you start taking the visor off, maybe you’ll be able to see the wire and find the problem yourself.


I will give that a shot. Thank you.
What I am perplexed with is the fact that the horn does not work. Some how the wire that connects to the horn is probably shorted as well.