Bmw starting issues because of stereo wire


Asking for a friend, one of my friends who drives a 2003 BMW 525i has an after market stereo and he was doing something with the wiring and a wire came unplugged he doesnt know where from but now his car wont start without that wire being plugged in what should he do?

If it’s anE39 5 series I can’t see a radio wire causing a non start, it’s more likely it’s blown a fuse somewhere?

Does the engine turn over when he tries to start it? Do the dashboard lights come on as usual?

Ya all the dash lights come on but it wont start and the stereo face gets no power

Obvious question - can’t they figure out where the wire goes? That’s the first thing to do.

He tried but he doesnt know where it came from or where it goes back into

That’s the cause of the problem, most likely, so nothing else matters at this point.

This might be important info.

The dash lights will turn on but it will not fully start

His friend here, the dash turns on, it doesn’t turn over or even click. The radio I have is the android replacement from also the radio doesn’t turn on or even attempt to. It flickered a few times as it went out and it’s Ben dead since

Time to remove the new radio, see if you can find the socket for the loose wire, and put back in the old radio to eliminate the radio as a possible cause of the problem.

Chinese low budget garbage, what do you want for $289. Probably be lucky if some permanent hasn’t been done. Check and re-check your installation and check all your fuses.

What were you doing with the wiring when the problem occurred? Did the car ever start after installation of the aftermarket stereo? My guess is you accidentally shorted out something.

It started and ran fine with the aftermarket stereo in since i have known him since august of last year.

??? Then when did the wire come undone? August of last year? Or just now?

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What did he mess with to pull a wire loose? And he is responding now, why are you?

If the car was running fine with the new stereo, then stopped running months later, then the loose wire was just noticed, I think it’s a red herring and nothing to do with the problem.

He got it fixed it was a dead battery


Good. Always check the simple things first.

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A loose/disconnected battery wire is usually pretty obvious where it goes.