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Fun with Electrical Problems As Always

I have been to two different dealerships with my 2006 Envoy(low miles 18,000) and no one seems to be able to help.I have an extended warranty that will cover both items.

First when the radio is on(Bose radio system with multiple speakers and XM built in) sometimes the speakers on the passenger side picks up engine noise matching the RPM?s of the engine. The faster the car goes the higher pitched the whining noise in the radio gets. Other times the noise is a buzzing nose that doesn?t change with the rpm?s of the engine. The problem is historical, since of course it is intermittent, comes and goes with no real pattern of events

Sometimes I turn the radio off and on quickly and the noise stops for a bit but comes back again sooner than later.Also, when the noise is happening, and I use my blinker(either way) the blinker noise(clicking) is also picked up by the radio. Again it is only picked up on the right side speakers, and moreso with the speaker in the dash .The dash speaker has been replaced by the dealer so it wasn?t the speaker itself I guess.

The on ly thing I did recently was hit the dash with my fist on the nosey side near the dash speaker and if did immediately stop the noises, but unfortunately the nose came back some time later. I asked the dealer to check any GM bulletins and he said he did and found nothing there.

The other problem is the passenger heated seat doesn?t appear to work correctly for me. The dealer said it?s working , but I sat in it and turned it on(winter hear in WI.) and in no way does it get as hot as the driver heated seat. There is definitely something wrong. I suspect the dealer is just checkin g to see if any electricity is going to the seat heater wires, but not really evaluating the temperature.The dealer also said the seats are presuure sensitive, so a person must be sitting in the seat to activate the heat, which I don?t think is correct.

Well, have fun since no one seems to have any idea about my radio problem and what can I ask the dealer to do, or check for both problems.

Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Lou Marino

6228 Lani Lane

McFarland WI.53558

Cell 608 235 2625

Landline 60

I assume the sound system you have has seperate amplifiers tied to the main or head unit. It sounds to that either the input to the right amp is picking noise due to a bad input connection or the right side of the head unit has a problem. The speakers are not the problem with the kind of noise you describe so replacing it was a waste of time. Since you can effect the noise by hitting on the dash you may be able to find the trouble area by tapping on the head unit or amplifiers. Taking the car to a sound repair shop for cars may be a better way to go.

The seat heater problem may be due to a faulty coil or power connection to it. The seats usually have more than one coil inside them.

Thanks much, more direction than I had before and insight for the reapir guys!

I think all of these problems definitely point to a loose / bad ground connection OR as Cougar says, a problem with the head unit or amplifier. The fact that it changes when you hit the dash at least tells you that it’s located in that area! Your dealership should consult their electrical diagrams for this vehicle and check the grounds behind the dash, as well as test the head unit and amplifier for problems.

Too bad that your dealers seem to be brushing you off.

Thanks much bewteen you and Cougar I should be able toet dealer to work in the right area at least and llook more specifically for the problem.

Look up the definition of “ground loop” on Google. A loose ground wire can cause what you are describing. Hope that helps.

Thanks for helping me get on the right track!!!