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Wonky BMW

I have a 2003 BMW Z4 2.5i. Something weird is happening with the electronics. Here is a list of stuff that’s going on: 1. The radio doesn’t work–it turns on and you can change the channel but there’s no sound at all. 2. The clock on the radio and the clock on the odometer panel are in sync when the car is turned on but after driving only the clock on the odometer panel registers the correct time. The clock on the radio remains at the time when the car was started. 3. The internal indicator lights (the ones telling you which direction you are turning) don’t work but the external ones work. 4. The light which tells you that the brights are on doesn’t work. 5. The dash lights don’t work but the warning lights (like low coolant etc) do work. 6. The roof goes down only after I turn the car off and on about 3-4 times (the motor has been replaced). 7. Several times, after stopping the car and removing the key, the warning beep will start and won’t stop even after I close the door. 8. The trunk light doesn’t go on anymore. Does any of this mean anything to anybody?

How old is battery. Clean terminals. A BMW is “delicate”, not wonky. Or expensive to fix.

The battery could indeed be the problem, but I would also be very suspicious of the condition of the alternator. When an alternator’s output varies considerably from what it should be, it is not unusual for most–if not all–of the electronic systems on a car to act very strangely.

Have your mechanic check the alternator’s output a.s.a.p., before you wind up stranded.

@Cavell, I think you meant “AND expensive to fix.” BMW stands for Bring Money With you.

Most European cars are built with Gremlin eggs in them. Aftr 10 years, the gremlins hatch and can cause all kinds of glitches. I firmly believe that.

For the OP, several expensive modules are going bad and you need a BMW technician , not mechanic, to get it all sorted out. These systems are very complex and over engineered.

All the systems that you’re having problems with are controlled thru the Body Control Module.

You’re going to have take the vehicle to the BMW dealer so a factory scanner can be connected to determine if that’s causing the problem.