BMW radio issues


I have a 2006 BMW 325xi. Last week I was driving the car on the highway, the SOS indicator light came on the dash and the radio shut off. Prior to last week, the car had been sitting idle for 16+ days while I was out of town. The dealership that I purchased the car from under their CPO program 2 years ago says I need to replace the radio unit which is not covered under the CPO warranty. I was quoted a price of $1,300. I have never had any issues with the radio prior. I’d really prefer not to spend $1,300. How could the radio just stop working out of no where? Should I get a second opinion? What are my best cost-saving options?

What type of testing was used to determine the radio was at fault? what is the SOS light?

An SOS msg displays with a phone and a cross each time the car is started suggesting that SOS is not available. BMW’s SOS is like GM’s OnStar. I pressed the SOS call button, the call went through to the BMW Assist service, and I could hear the automated menu through the speakers. The radio shows no display and will not turn on. I’m not 100% on the details behind the diagnostics the performed on the car. My worker order is not detailed. The dealership claims that the issue is internally with the radio.

After looking at some info about BMW radios it appears the radio has a communications link to the cars ECU or whatever BMW calls the microprocessor module. Here is a link to a site that may be able to fix the trouble you are having for a reasonable cost.