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2004 Oldmobile Alero

My alero had the driver side window components replaced and now my flashlights don’t work . Now mind you, they were working before all this happened and my taillights DO work. What’s wrong?

I’ll guess , I assume you have power windows & maybe power mirrors so I assume there’s several wires in the door . Maybe a wire was damaged or not connected properly or possibly a wire was shorted & blew a fuse . I’d check fuses first .

Your flashlights don’t work? What do you mean by flashlights?


Not the fuses and dam auto correct it was supposed to be dash lights

Yes I have auto everything pretty much(stock, Factory), but the connection he said was done properly I had it done at auto body shop that didn’t work on electrical stuff. The window regulator, and the window and another part connected to the window had to be replaced costing me over 180 total

Does your car have a knob that adjusts the brightness of the dash lights ? Had a vehicle that someone else turned that knob to off & my dash lights were out a couple days until I discovered what had happened . I do my own work & am totally guessing but if it was my vehicle I’d remove the door panel & check all the wiring in there . I wouldn’t think those wires would connect to the dash lights but who knows ? It’s also possible that it’s just a coincidence that the dash light problem occurred at the same time your window repairs were made but it does seem the two could possibly be related . There are professionals on here that will likely try to help .


Unless someone bumped a brightness knob or blew a fuse, this sounds like a coincidence to me.

You seem to be implying that this repair was expensive. Actually, I think you got a very good deal for that work.

YEs that is expensive repair for when u don’t have that just laying around , n Yea I have checked the dimmer switch, I’m not a total blonde, I do work on my own vehicles, just not wiring. The fuse is fine. And the connection the guy checked for the window is good he said he didn’t know what happened when he RE-connected everything in the door panel

It seems unusual for a door repair to affect the dashboard lighting. Unless a fuse got blown in the process. But you say you’ve check the fuses? Probably first thing to do is check for fuse problems again. If not a fuse and not the little dash light dimmer gadget, this may prove difficult to diagnose without access to the car’s wiring diagrams. Do you have those schematics? If not, a dealership might be willing to print it out for you; either that or purchase a repair manual containing wiring schematics.

There’s some chance btw that in repairing the door wiring, some connector under the dash got disconnected. So it is worth a try getting out your flashlight, maybe with a mirror, and take a look for anything suspicious looking in the wires under the dash.

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