Power Door Closing Failure

One of my power doors will not shut except after driving for a while. It is continuing to demand more and more driving before it can shut, and it also does not shut in one go. It will rise only slightly at each attempt, and so will close all the way only if I am driving a real long distance (over 50 miles). What could be the problem? It opens normally - only closing is the problem. Could somebody suggest a remedy?

If this is not a do-it-yourself, what class of mechanic do I need to see? Is it a body mechanic?

When you say it won’t shut, does that mean that it does not move at all, or that it moves and then reverses direction? If it’s the latter, it might be dirty contacts. There should be copper cotacts on the door and matching ones on the frame. Get a pencil eraser and rub the contacts well. Then try to close the door again.

If I may jt, have the owner spray all the contacts (especially the door plunger contacts including the one on the rear of the (sliding door) frame) with an electrical contact cleaner.

Work the plungers by hand for a couple of minutes before closing the door.

If the door still won’t close, the cable MAY be out of adjustment or the door out of alignment.
There is also the possibility the rear striker is loose and has moved to prevent the door latch from engaging.

BEFORE anything, check to ensure there is NO foreign objects (kids toys, etc) in the lower track to prevent the door from locking shut.

What I mean is that it does not move in one smooth drive as it should do when I press the window button in the closing direction. It may edge up a millimeter or so each time, except when I have not been driving a while (in which case it wont respond at all). So over a long distance and many attempts at the button the window pane will finally rise all the way to the top and close. Opening the window is as smooth as ever.

Are you talking about a power window not closing or the power sliding door? Your original post states the problem is with the power door. The previous post indicates the problem is with one of the windows.

What year is the Sienna? Which window is the problem? If it is the passenger side or one of the sliding door windows, do you have the same problem with the master switch on the driver’s door and the switch mounted on the door itself?

Ed B.

Kimland, where’d you go? Come back and post which you mean, the WINDOW doesn’t operate properly or the POWER SLIDING DOOR doesn’t.

Your posts are contradictory.

Oh … so dan sorry … I had to read my first post again to see that I had actually said “door”. It is not the sliding door, it is the driver’s window. Sorry for so much confusion … and thanks for sticking with it. Ignore “door” anywhwere it appears, please. It is the window. Doors dont rise, so there was contradiction from step zero.

Get a cam of spray silicone lube. Put the little straw into the spray head and spray the lube into the channel on either side of the window when it is down. Now try to raise and lower the window. It might just be a lube problem. If not, it probably is the regulator/motor.

Two thoughts.

  1. Try spraying the door window switch with CRC Electrical Contact Cleaner to clean the switch contacts.

  2. Move the wiring loom between the body and the door (usually located between the door hinges) while holding the switch to check for a broken or intermittent wiring connection.

This is a job for a regular mechanic, no reason to go to a body shop. Worst case, the inside door panel has to be removed to get the the regulator/motor assembly.

Hope it’s just a dirty switch.

Ed B.

No problem, apology accepted.

Now you should get some positive replies.

Personally, I suspect a faulty regulator/motor. The repair requires inner door panel removal to gain access to these components.

Like ED B said, you just need a regular (reputable) mechanic.