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Electrical problem

My 98 dodge ram 2500 was running and now the gauges dont work and the fuel pump isnt working either,I have checked and replaced fuses and relays with no luck any suggestions, Thank you in advance

I’m not trying to be a wise guy, but if the fuel pump isn’t working then presumably the engine isn’t running and therefore most of the gauges wouldn’t be very interesting anyway. It sounds like you may have replaced a fuel pump relay and fuse - is it possible the fuel pump is shot? Is it definitely not running, or are you saying that the engine isn’t getting fuel, which may imply a blockage of some sort? Is the engine cranking, and are you getting spark?

The Tank is full of fuel and the gauge stays at empty,all the llights come on when you turn the key on to start and stay on, the security warning is also on,The fule pump was working when i drove it earlier in the day…I could hear it pressure up before but nothing know,Cheked spark and it is normal…

[i] he security warning is also on[/i]  

What does he security warning indicate according to your owner's manual?  Maybe the security system has detected a possible theft attempt and has shut you down.