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Fuel not being delivered

I have a 2008 ford ranger it broke down a few days ago it sounded like the fuel pump wasn’t working and the there was no pressure in the fuel lines I replaced the pump and filter it still won’t run I now have pressure in the lines and the pump is running. When I apply fuel to the throttle body it will crank but will shut off after the fumes wear off I checked all relays and fuses the are fine I’m lost please help

If fuse #23, 30 amp is good, and the fuel pump relay is good, which supply +12 VDC to the fuel injectors, then you need to get a hold of a noid light.

You plug this into the injector wiring connector to see if it flashes while the engine is being cranked over.

If it doesn’t flash, the computer driver isn’t grounding the circuit for that injector.


The computer won’t know the engine is turning if the sensor that tells it this information isn’t working. The fuel pump won’t be activated. A diagnosis is in order because there are a few different causes for the pump not working.

Sorry it took a while for me to reply but the wire harness that attaches to the fuel pump was messed up I ran some new wire It runs fine