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Dodge Ram Van Fuel System Issue

1999 Dodge Ram 1500 Conversion Van. Engine stopped, fuel gauge indicated no gas (moments ago indicated 1/2 tank). Engine cranked but would not start. After sitting 30 mins and being towed home it still would not start. I pulled the fuel system fuse - it was good so I put it back in, tried starting and it worked. Fuel gauge was reading as well. Is there a relay that I reset when I pulled the fuse, or could my fuel pump be on the way out?

It sounds like the whole fuel sending unit in the tank had its power interrupted. It’s probably a good idea to inspect the wiring and the harness back near the tank, make sure nothing’s exposed or real dirty.

Thank you. I went out and checked the wiring after getting your tip. Wiring is good as far as I could see, I could not get to the wiring above the tank (plastic tank) at the pump location. I swapped relays around but all systems are working so the relays should be fine. I am assuming now that the pump is causing the issue. Why it is itermittent leads me to agree with the wiring theory. Since I have to drop the tank to change the pump I will be able to check the wiring I could not reach. THANKS!!