98 Dodge Ram 1500 fuel gauge problem

I had to replace the fuel pump and it operates properly and the engine runs nicely. However, the fuel gauge reads empty and the low fuel warning light chimes. I have rechecked all the connections but still no success. I also filled the tank, so I know that is not the issue. Once a fuel pump goes out and is then replaced does this require the OBD computer to be reprogramed. I took the pump out again to see if the float was free and it appeared to be ok. I also orientated it as directed by my Hayes manuel but still no improvement. Pump was purchased new from AutoZone, not a junk yard special.

Any words of wisdom???

Thank You

Replace the fuel gauge sender…You will notice the little contact wiper has turned to dust…You will also discover Chrysler is very proud of this part…

Caddyman: Where is this “sender” located. The replacement pump had all brand new components and the float mechanism and electrical contact is also new and shiny.
Please reply, thank you.