Electrical Problem with a 1999 Toyota Tacoma

I own a 1999 Toyota Tacoma 4X4 extended cab TRD package with the 2.7 L (4 cylinder engine) and it has approximately 134,000 miles. I have been the only owner of the vehicle and I have followed the preventative maintenance schedule recommended by the manufacturer. I have experienced relatively no problems with the truck except for new batteries and a new starter at about 72,000 miles. Now, I seem to have an electrical problem. The battery was replaced last spring and is fully charged; however, the vehicle is completely void of an electrical current (i.e. no lights, nothing). I am assuming that since the vehicle is over ten years old this is most likely a problem with a microelectronic circuit in the electrical system. Has anyone experienced a similar problem with their Tacoma or 4Runner and what was the solution to your problem?

When it comes to electrical systems, the bigger the problem, the easier it is to find the cause. You’re SURE the battery has a charge? Turn on the headlights and see if you still read around 12 volts at the battery. I would then check the battery cables. Make sure the connections are clean and tight. Be sure the negative cable isn’t corroded where it attaches to the frame or engine. That’s how I would start.

The battery is fully charged. The connections are tight and the negative cable is not corroded where it attachs to the frame. However, the lights don’t turn on. Therefore, I am assuming that there is another problem.

Check the main fuse in the panel under the hood and make sure it and the other fuses in there are ok. If you don’t see a bad fuse check to see those fuses are getting voltage to them. I’m not sure if there is a fusible link in your model or not but that may be an issue. It would also be good to clean the battery connections with a battery post cleaning brush even though they ‘look’ ok.