2003 Toyota Tundra Enigma

I bought this truck new and a few months after purchase if I didn’t drive it for a few days the battery would be dead and the vihicle would not start. I replaced the battery after about 20,000 but it continues to have the same problem. I now have 58,000 miles on it. I’ve taken it to the dealer 2 times now and have told them of the problem but they can’t find anything wrong. I haven’t driven the truck in two days and it sits in my driveway right now dead as a door nail.

Take it to a vehicle electrical system expert. Most dealers do not qualify. You may have to do some searching in your area to find one. They should be able to track down the current drain. SOMETHING has to be draining the battery.

Start pulling fuses and find out which one solves the problem. Then you’ll know what accessories to look at.

If you have a camper shell or a tow hitch or an aftermarket stereo, there may be a short due to a badly positioned wire scraping on metal.