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2000 Toyota Tacom wont shut off

I have a 2000 Toyota Tacoma 2.4L RWD.

I turn the truck off and take the key out of ignition, still runs. have to disconnect battery to kill engine.

Replaced Starter switch and ignition still problem continues.

Ignition switch was my first thought. Stuck relay?

Yah that was mine also but I replaced it with a brand new one. Ill pick up a relay this evening, and have a starter on order just in case.

is it safe to drive?
Ill just have to disconnect the battery every time I stop.

The starter does nothing to keep the engine running. A new starter will not solve this problem.

The ignition circuit is getting energized bypassing the ignition switch. There is a short somewhere. Before paying for a new starter I’d electrically disconnect the starter while the car is running. I think the starter in this thing is always connected to the battery positive. A short in the solenoid primary might be backfeeding the run circuit? After that about all I can think of doing is tracing the ignition circuit to see where it’s crossed. That is never fun but what’s the alternative? Thankfully the basic run circuit is not that long.

As for being safe to drive, it’s as safe to drive as any car that you can’t turn off. Anything you can steer and stop is safe to drive on some level.

Curious story, I installed a power point in the back of a sienna van,tapping into ignition on only after market 2 way radio source. Van would not turn off if spotlight was plugged in. Any aftermarket stuff?

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