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Starting Problem

Hi this is my first post so here it goes.

i have a 2001 Toyota Tacoma V6 SR5 Extra cab

When i first get in my car and turn the key all the lights and noises that are associated occur, but when i turn the key to fully start it totally shuts off and then i have to jump it. when i jump the car it takes a few seconds then it starts right up. i am going to try to charge it with the jumper cables then remove them then try and start it. ill post back after i do that this evening. please ask if you could use more info for possible suggestions on my problem.

thanks a million for the replies



Your battery terminals are dirty. Disconnect the battery and clean the cable ends and the mounting posts.

My battery terminals are clean as a whistle. i checked all my groundings and obvious wires they are all good

Did you take them apart and clean the contact surfaces?

Yes, and it is a new battery about 6 months old. could it possibly be a bad alternator or is there some sort of switch between the low current starter and the alternator telling to give it more juice to start the vehicle?? i’m really stumped.

Well, so much for the easy fix. Toyota’s do wear out starters and solenoids, and they develop dead spots, but they don’t usually do exactly what you are describing. How many miles on the vehicle, and is it highways or city streets? In other words, has it been started a lot of times? It could be your starter solenoid.

i have 110000 miles, i would say 60% city and 40% high way. so yeah quite a few starts.
is the starter solenoid separate from the starter motor??

Yes, but getting the starter and solenoid out is quite a project. They come out together. Once its out you can rebuild the solenoid with parts from Toyota or other sources. Google this and you will find step by step photos and lots of help. When I finally got the starter out I bought a rebuilt one because I just didn’t want to try and rebuild the solenoid, put it all together and reinstall it to see if it worked. If that didn’t solve the problem I was just not ready to take it out again.

I just still think there’s a problem between the battery and the starter, and each time you try to start it the cable contact arcs a little and blocks current flow. Can you try running a jumper from the positive on the battery to the positive post on the starter (cut out the existing circuits)? It should turn over when you turn the key.

Have your tried starting it in Neutral instead of Park to rule out a bad neutral safety switch.

" …when i turn the key to fully start it totally shuts off…?
If you are loosing all power to the dash, the ignition switch is shot.