Electrical problem: Chevy 1964 C10 pickup Truck

I am working on a Chevy Truck that hasn’t been started for awhile. I got a new charged battery for it and have electrical to nearly every component to the vehicle except a few places that seem to have no connection. There are no lights to the dashboard while the gauges like temperature do work when the ignition is turned. Other wise, speedometer are off. Headlights, cab light, and radio still works. Otherwise it does not turn over at all. There were a few times that it started to turn over. Three of the hundreds of attempts actually got a slight nudge in it but nothing more. We are just confused and are trying everything to find out what the problem is. Thank you so much

Have you tried pulling the starter and bench testing it? have you pulled the plugs and verified that you can turn the engine over by hand?

If this an automatic see if the starter will crank in while the shifter is in the neutral position. The safety switch may be bad.