1984 Chevrolet S-10 - Sat, now I can't make it go

1984 Chevy s10 pickup would not start last fall. Left it through the winter and now summer. Put a new battery in and no lights no camera no action no cranking. Hooked new battery to cables to jump it: no lights, no nuthin. Suggestions? Thanks

Check your cables for corrosion, start checking for B+ power at the other end of the cables and fuse box(s) as well as the fuses and relays…

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did you take the plastic caps off of the battery when it was installed?

Remove the positive side mount battery cable from the battery.

Peel back the red rubber cover from terminal to expose the crimp connections for the terminal.


This corrosion can leach down to where the terminal is crimped onto the wires causing a poor connection.


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Cranked last year. Starter could be bad also. I might remove/test starter.

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For a no-crank problem, after checking the battery and battery connections, my first step is to measure the voltage at the starter motor “s” terminal (the thinner wire). When the key is in “start”, it should measure at least 10.5 volts, terminal to starter case. You are welcome to post what your shop measures here, for further ideas.

I doubt the starter will work if none of the rest of the vehicle has power to it…

Like already mentioned a couple times, check the cables and ends for corrosion…

Have you used a voltmeter and verified the new battery is in fact fully charged . . . ?

Just because a part is new doesn’t guarantee it’s good

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