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Electrical Problem - Volkswagen Jetta 2006

Hi there,

Have an electrical problem with my 2006 Jetta. Multiple items in the car stopped working simultaneously, more specifically: Trailer Lights (as in the power going to it), Rear Electric Windows and last but not least all the 12v power plugs (cigarette lights).

I have checked all the fuses, with a multimeter (several times) and could not find any problem there. The fact that all of these items that worked perfectly fine stopped working at the same time seems like a typical fuse problem though.

Anyway, I’d really appreciate any tips for how I might troubleshoot this problem.


Find a wire diagram. Haynes manuals have them. My library has Mitchell on Demand for free, but you have to be at library to use it.

Sure, but what am I looking for on the wireing diagram, other then the fuses what could cause such a problem?

IF they are all connected somewhere you follow the supply voltage from componant to where they meet. That would be where the power shortage would be from. They could or even more likely share a common ground. One way to check is to find the positive lead to a failed componant and check for specified voltage. But ground your voltmeter to battery neg. Terminal. If you have specified voltage then you probably have faulty componant or bad ground. If you do not have specified voltage at componant using battery neg as ground, you need to follow diagram up to the place that there is voltage. When you find voltage, the break will be between the place you found voltage and componant. First check switches and fuses between these two points, then wiring.