Electric Seats

My wifes Pacifica is a 2007, it has eletric seats both driver and passanger. On the passanger seet she lowered the seat back more to lying down position resting while In went into a store. Upon my return she whent to return the seat back to position, she pushed the button and nothing happened, she tryed a few different times still nothing. She adusted to the seat forward and back and that works. I then shut the car off then re-started still nothing, any suggestions?

Tomorrow I’ll pick the brains of the guys at the Chrysler dealer I used to work at. Meanwhile, scour your owner’s manual regarding electric seat operation. I have a sneaky feeling there’s nothing wrong.

The problem is either with the passenger seat switch or the passenger door module. The seat switch circuit passes thru the passenger door module.


There is a separate motor for the seatback motion, as opposed to the front to rear motion of the entire seat. They go bad a lot. If your Pacifica is still under original warranty, (36,000 mi, or 3 years; whichever comes first) just go to a Chrysler dealer and drop it in their lap.

If not, go to a good mechanic and tell him to pull up the cloth on the back of the seatback, exposing the motor. If the motor gets voltage in both directions, it needs a new motor.