Driver's seat power switch 2004 pacifica

I have to replace the seat adjustment control switch. Do i have to remove the whole front door panel, or is there a way to just remove the panel that it is in? If I have to remove the panel, I guess i will have to contribute to my mechanic’s new boat.

Thank you in advance for any help or suggestions.

Why don’t you just google it the procedure?

Chances are there’s a youtube video showing a guy replacing the driver’s power seat switch on a 2004 pacifica

And there’s probably also videos showing you how to remove the door panel


You must remove the door panel to replace the power seat switch, it is replaced from inside the door panel.

Are you certain the switch has failed? Nearly every inoperative power seat on these that I repaired needed a new seat module. After about 18 months of repeated failures a customer satisfaction campaign was issued to correct the problem.

Check the Chrysler site, you can enter your VIN to check for incomplete recalls for your car.

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