Electric Seats- Does anyone have this problem?

I have a 2004 Honda Pilot. It is a great SUV and still going strong. My problem is the electric seats. I can move the driver’s seat up and down. My forward and back will not work. I want to be prepared when I go to the mechanic. I do not want to be scammed and they tell me I need a whole new electric seat motor when all it could be is a chip. We have changed out the fuses thinking that was the problem, but it wan’t. Any thoughts or am I doomed and will have to purchase a whole new electric seat motor? Any help would be appreciated.

Hope it needs a motor or a switch. A chip could be $400. I don’t think there is a chip in the system unless there’s a memory system for different drivers.

If you don’t hear the motor running at all, it could either be the actual switch or the motor. Maybe gotta buy the whole switch bank though so either one probably going to be not cheap. The motors are usually pretty robust though unless you use it all the time. If you do hear the motor running, then could be a cable.

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