Electric seat on 2003 Navigator

Our electric seat on the driver’s side has quit working. It is out of warranty. The dealer said it would be $1400+ to repair it. Is there anyone who has had this problem. The car only has 52.000 miles. We need some help. Thanks, Tom

If none of the positions work then I would suspect there is a problem with the power to the switching. Perhaps a relay problem. If it was me I would invest in a factory service manual for the car. It is some of the best money you can spend on a vehicle in my opinion to help save you more money in the long haul. The manual will show you where to to look for the circuit to the seat. Having the manual along with an inexpensive test light probe will get you down the road for a lot less in service shop repair bills for problems like this. The vehicle is getting to the age when more problems like this tend to happen. With the factory service manual in hand you will be ready for them when they do happen.

I am most appreciative for your reply. tom

After taking it to the dealership…they said it needed a new motor and a new potentiometer. that was about a 1000 and about 400 for labor. We are disgusted with Lincoln. Right now we can’t afford that kind of money. thanks again,

Maybe you can get the motor and potentiometer from a junk yard. You may have to buy the seat. If you can just get the parts, you won’t have to worry about the new seat matching. Check eBay and Amazon to see if they have these parts listed. Other on line auto parts stores may have them, too. Do a web search.